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● Straight plating production line  

There are three manipulating ways: automatism, hand control and hand work. Automatism can greatly cut the labor cost, improve the consistency of production and reduce the waste water. The way of hand control is easy to manipulate; the handlers can use various kinds of methods to do the work. The difference between hand control and hand work is that in the formal one, workers portage the work piece by hand so it requires high intensity. But in the latter process, traveling cranes are used the portage the work piece.   
items unit main technology parameter postscript 
Level speed of traveling crane m/min 10-40 Depending on production and load 
Vertical speed of traveling crane  m/min 8-28 Depending on production and load
Cathode moving frequency times/min 10-20 Level moving or upward 
or downward moving 
swing mm 60-100
Load of pole stick  kg/stick 100-500 Sometimes can reach 1500kg/stick 
Load of platen kg/roll 10-60 Can be changed according to the special order 

Low rail production line
rail production line
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